Lesbian Hook-up Sites: Set Up Your Hookup In Minutes

Lesbian Hook-up Sites: Set Up Your Hookup In Minutes

Queer person, single lesbians, potential matches… How to connect all these in one? Of course, with lesbian hookup sites. Here without extra introductions, you’ll learn about:

  1. Which criteria describe the best dating app?
  2. Why not all classical dating sites worth your time if you are a queer person?
  3. Which tricks can make a wrong impression on lesbian dating apps?
  4. How to transform online dating with queer women into something more intimate? 
  5. Which of the free lesbian dating apps can we recommend?

List of dating apps. Description for each excellent platform and competition to define the best lesbian dating app from other common dating apps.

How does the most fabulous lesbian dating app have to look like

Disclaimer: It’s just an editor’s office imagination about meaningful relationships and romantic connections obtained from online chat rooms.

Firstly, the lesbian dating site must be easy to find.

Secondly, it hasn’t been limited only to LGBTQ. The more ordinary people with classical sexual orientations use the application, the more it is popular. The more popular it is, the more potential chances to hook up with anyone there.

Thirdly, it has been relatively inexpensive. The perfect online dating app is free but with some limits, like annoying ADS, and you pay for your premium subscription, not to hook up with a lucky lady but to make this process more comfortable.

Fourthly, the lesbian hookup app must regularly clear fake profiles. 

Sites must provide you with good chances to find lesbian singles completely free!

Make a competition of all Lesbian hookup sites — criteria

There’re endless lists of lesbian dating platforms, and they all differ. So how to define the best dating website from all others?

With the following criteria:

  1. Their convenience.
  2. Their defense system.
  3. Amount of single women there.
  4. Their prices. Or do they provide a free version without forcing you to get a premium membership?
  5. Can you send private messages and stay anonymous?

Also, features, optimization, and many successful hot dates with LGBTQ women.

The best free lesbian dating apps and sites

The time has come. Here we’re offering you the top free lesbian dating apps, and we will try to decide which is the best. Anyway, on all of these popular dating sites, you may find a queer woman as easily as others.

We recommend the next of the best lesbian dating apps and sites for you.

  • Adult Friend Finder.
  • HER.
  • Tinder.
  • Ashley Madison.
  • Fuckbook.
  • Fling.
  • LocalHookup.
  • Fuck-Me.

They are satisfied with most of the points to become excellent hookup apps. Stop wasting your time, choose one of them, and read complex reviews to get a pre-imagination about these lesbian dating apps.

Brand #1 — Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder — the best dating platform ever. It’s oriented not only toward queers. Some ordinary people can use it too, but if you want, you can separate from all those cisgender males, and the strong border will stay between you and them.

Adult Friend Finder does not require any introductions. On the other hand:

  1. It’s a moderately priced subscription site.
  2. It keeps your anonymity.
  3. This site provides you with an SSL certificate for all your payments.
  4. It gives you real accounts.
  5. You can get here laid without aftermath.
  6. If you like the process, you can stay with a same sex partner.
  7. It’s not a fake place.

You can make all your fantasies come true and much more for about $40 a month. 

This site provides you with a convenient interface without that ‘Fucking-Tinder-based-swiping-communication-model’. You search lesbian personals by a typical searching panel using the following data:

  1. Location.
  2. Age.
  3. Body type.
  4. Preferences.
  5. Hobbies.

And, of course, you can use this hookup app as a shared social network platform for daily chatting.

Brand #2 — HER

Simply the best gay dating app for lesbians too. The main advantage is that you’ll only meet males here. This dating app is designed for women!

Similar to the Tinder interface, the HER provides something special for its users. They’re straight to creating a free space, not only for random connections but for making friendships.


So they force their community and provide many different services and features. Create TV shows, stream the most important things about the LGBTQ community, and get much more possibilities to get small talks with people of the same gender as you!

Fully similar to Tinder, but for a woman. Offer you a convenient mobile interface and the possibility to search some bisexual partners and other queers.

The interface of this lesbian dating app

The interface of this dating app is convenient. After you finish your registration process, you’ll come to the main screen. There you have to:

  1. Describe your profile.
  2. Upload a photo.
  3. Prepare to chat with gorgeous lesbian singles.

Then you can follow the ‘swiping process.’ After decades of swipes, you’ll find some matches near your location, and you can start chatting with them. 


The main disadvantage of this site is that you have to confirm that you are not a man. No, you haven’t sent a picture to verify that you don’t have a pickle. They have different mechanisms to confirm your sex. 

If you are a sweet girl, many adventures are waiting for you. But at the end of your traveling, you’ll find bisexual singles for random laid precisely here!

Brand #3 — Tinder

This dating app invented swiping to the left and the right. As a social media platform, Tinder is one of the poorest casual dating sites. But it provides a free version and is available from the Google Play store!


Left… Right… Left… Right… Connect… Message… Get a date! Minimal features. Minimal functions. Only a chat room with a chosen partner. Of course, you can send images, nudes, and videos. 

You define your gender identities at the start, and then you’ll see only people with the same sexual orientation.


Minimalistic… After connecting your Facebook or Google account, you must upload your photos. 

You have some buttons, like a ‘search partner’ button and a ‘chat button.’ People say that this is still the best lesbian dating app.


To register there, you must give your Facebook ID or your Google account data. As an alternative way to use this dating app, you can create an anonymous account with a fake email and a fake password, and it’s your first phony account.

Brand #4 — Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the most overrated but still the best dating apps ever. This title is connected to big scandals about anonymity. Professional hackers stole the database of users.

If you are scared to be caught by your partner in your current relationship, you should avoid this site. But if you are single, looking for a fling, or random sexual adventures, you can use Ashley Madison as your main lust provider.

This site does not hide that it’s oriented not for chat but for sexual adventures. So you can’t be misunderstood here.

The main catch of this site is not the number of single lesbians. Not possibilities, safety, or anonymity. The following catch of this site is a monetization model. You pay only for messages. Not a subscription.

So when you are not using this site, you don’t pay, and then you are looking for a fling, you pay. It’s a fair model, and it works. 

As in many other dating online sites, the bigger the pack of credits you buy, the cheaper they come. 

The range of prices is from $0.59 for credit to $0.29 for credit. But is this too expensive, or too cheap?

As usual, one message costs about five credits. But if you bought the biggest ‘Elite pack,’ you’ll get 24 hours of free chatting with all other members. And recognition, of course.

Brand #5 — Fuckbook

Fuckbook is not a classical lesbian hookup app like other rival areas. It’s the first. Fully. Similar. To Facebook!

And it’s the best part because they offer you only one thing, but it changes the rules. Interface, which looks fully similar to Facebook, gives you all the classical opportunities, makes you calmer, and more people always stay aware of the FuckBook.

So what? The fewer people get lost at the interface, the more chances you’ll get to use this gay dating app for searching lesbian women.

The dark side of popularity is that some people think this site is scammed. And It’s part of the truth. Many scammers use this famous dating scene to search for finding perverts and then steal their money.

But the administration strives to block all the fake accounts, allowing you to use this hookup app with a maximal result!


  • Entirely similar to the Facebook interface.
  • All buttons on their place.
  • Time-to-time fake profiles try to catch you.
  • You have to pay a subscription to use this site.

Mixed impressions, but if you are still looking for the best lesbian or gay dating app, you can use this as one of your potentials. 

The best part of FuckBook is that the people here are clear. They’re looking for sex. They’re finding sex. They’re getting laid. No tricks or too-long introductions from your meeting to dating!


Entirely similar to Facebook. There’s nothing extra to say. The log-in and sign-in buttons are placed in the top right corner.

After you finish your registration process, you’ll come to Facebook. But in the 2010s Facebook, there all buttons are in their usual places.

All the abilities, like:

  1. Chat buttons.
  2. Photo buttons.
  3. Profile pages.
  4. Fun App pages.

But what differentiates Fuckook from Facebook? Only one thing. No censorship. And these little differences change all the rules and give you much more possibilities to hook up with some lesbian singles!


To register at this site, you have to:

  1. Come up with a nickname.
  2. Create a password. Then re-imagine because your common password is too weak.
  3. Attach email or google mail to acc.
  4. Upload an image.
  5. Set your age.

Then you come to a home page, and from there, you can start your journey to getting laid.

Brand #6 — Fling

The Fling is a sweet word that covers thousands of single lesbians. A thousand opportunities and only you will decide which to choose.

This site is a competitor not to Tinder but to Ashley Madison. This site offers all the same to users. But what’s the difference? Auditory.

You may find many queers here and discover LGBTQ communities from different Ashley Madison states. 

And, of course, against Ashley Madison, this dating site for lesbians offers you prices, not for messages, but for a subscription. If you are a regular visitor of these dating sites and apps, it might be much more profitable than paying for each message.


The interface is unique if you compare it to other dating and hookup platforms. It’s more conservative and comes right from the early 90s.

  1. The top left corner is full of different partners. You can choose and mix them.
  2. The right part of the site is about the chat room.
  3. The bottom is about technical information.
  4. The top is about helpful information.

One word — inconvenient. But it still works. And it works perfectly!


All is pretty usual:

  1. Nickname.
  2. Photo.
  3. Email.
  4. Password.
  5. Confirmation of rules and your age.

That’s all!

Brand #7 — LocalHookup

LocalHookup is the best alternative for Tinder. Why? The cause is simple — all the partners that allow you to form meaningful relationships are placed near you.

Pay attention; they’re placed maximally near you. So there’s one advantage and one disadvantage of this site.

On the one hand, you have to leave your contact data and your current location. At least state and city, but better your full address.

On the other hand, if someone still has data on this site, they will know where he is living. It is best to immediately delete your account after you get tired of this site.

The main disadvantage is that here you are very limited in searching. You can’t separate queer from cisgender bastards, so you should search in tons of shit to find a jewel!

Brand #8 — Fuck-Me

Fuck-me is a dating app without accessible communication. It’s the worst from the best, but it’s still worth it. As a previous competitor, this area is oriented toward local hookups but overloaded with fake accounts.

On the one hand, the sign-in process is free. On the other hand, you have to spend time finding a partner for your adventures.

What about interfaces? It’s pretty simple and looks like a mix of all previous competitors. If you spend time on a dating site at least once, you’d always be aware of your location.

But what else? Fair terms. Free nudes. Many possibilities to get self-satisfaction without real sex. But if you are looking for romantic relationships, you might choose another platform.


As pros:

  • Free sign-in process.
  • Reasonable terms.
  • Many nudes.
  • They keep your anonymity.

As cons, we notice:

  1. Not separating queer from not LGBTQ persons.
  2. Not all accounts are real.
  3. This site was created not for a meaningful relationship.
  4. Free accounts have minimal opportunities.

Will you spend your free time here or not? It depends on you!


Maximally common. You have to refill the following data:

  1. Your email.
  2. Your password.
  3. Your nickname.
  4. Your gender.
  5. Your preferences.
  6. Confirm your age.
  7. Confirm the terms.

Remember to add your credit card data to payment methods. Or you can add your PayPal data.

FAQ — cut your time!

If you still do not trust the best lesbian dating apps, read this FAQ, and assure yourself that lesbian dating sites are similar to other online dating sites.

Are lesbian hookups legit?

Yes, lesbian hookups, like many other hookups, are fully legit if you are not in a Muslim country. Gender identity in Muslim countries is still a big problem, and queer people usually leave those countries and go to the west-civilization.

Are the lesbian hookup sites legit?

Yes, all hookup sites are legit. It doesn’t matter if you find friends with different sexual orientations or not. Don’t forget that all you do in your bedroom is just your business. All those hookup platforms are just dating sites without solid moderation.

Is it safe to hook up with a lesbian?

Yes, It’s fully safe to hook up everyone you want. It’s not dangerous, but be careful, some lesbians might be bisexual women, so you should keep this in your mind before starting your adventure in the world of dating profiles.

Just a conclusion

All these LGBTQ community sites are not the only ones worth your time. At least you can pay attention to:

  • Zoe;
  • Feeld;
  • Fem;
  • Lesly;
  • Bounce;
  • Thrust;
  • Lex.

And other titles. But there, you have much more chances to find a crazy female activist than a girl who will warm you up tonight.

So if you are still looking for a great dating app, choose one from approved and rated sites rather than coming to an online dating site that is fresh or oriented toward ‘fashion-gender’ tendencies.

You have an ocean of opportunities. All you need is to make the right decision. You can be guided by your tastes or by recommendations. It doesn’t matter. Much more important is to be prepared for a hot night after some hot messages!