How to kiss a girl the first time?

How to kiss a girl the first time?

You have finally met the girl of your dreams. She is the best you could wish for. Her smile is like a ray of sunshine announcing spring after a gray winter.
You can’t help but admire her in all her splendor. All you can think about is her beautiful, deep-set eyes.
Her harmonious and sexy body makes your heart beat faster and every time you meet her you wish you would never leave her.
Seeing each other sporadically and occasionally is no longer enough. Long chats on whatsapp are pleasant, but you realize that you would need something more, so you decide to make a date to go out alone. You agree and everything seems wonderful.
The evening flows pleasantly and you would want to kiss her, but suddenly you are gripped by multiple doubts and the fear of failing in your intent becomes pressing.

Are we friends or is there something more?

Before taking any step, it is essential to clear the field of doubt. It not infrequently happens that we males make crazy castles in the air by misunderstanding girls’ intentions.
The question you should ask yourself is this: how does the girl I am dating actually feel about me? Does she simply think of me as a good friend or does she aspire to something more?
It is important not to take anything for granted and to weigh every detail carefully.
You should definitely minimize the risk of venturing into an awkward and unsolicited kiss that could jeopardize any of your future relationships.
What to do then? Nothing simpler, just ask with a hint of cheekiness and be ready for any response, whether positive or negative, with a big smile on your face.
Before giving a kiss for the first time, you need to feel confident, but above all you should seriously take into account your partner’s feelings.

What should the first kiss be like?

If it is your first kiss ever, it would be good and right to get an idea of what types of kisses are most in use, if only so that you are not completely unprepared for such an important and exciting moment. The first kiss should be able to be an unforgettable experience both for you and for the girl with whom you will share this very special moment.

It is not so important that the first time kiss turns out to be perfect from a purely technical point of view, but without a shadow of a doubt it would be appropriate for the kiss to turn out to be sweet and passionate, so it is important to let your emotions carry you and to live this wonderful experience with an open heart.

Small precautions to take before kissing a girl for the first time

It may seem trite to say, but if one has an inkling that the much-coveted moment of the first kiss is about to come, it would be wise to brush one’s teeth well, and why not, carrying mints could prove to be no small trick up one’s sleeve.

Fresh, fragrant breath can really help a lot, while heavy breath with garlic or onion, could make our fair maiden run for the hills.
To be successful in certain things, it is best not to underestimate certain details …

Waiting for the right moment to let go of the very first kiss is a rule of absolute importance. Throwing yourself headlong into it with a kiss thrown in at an inappropriate time could irreparably ruin everything good that has been done up to that point.

One must be good at picking up certain signals that the girl sends us. If a juncture turns out to be particularly romantic, it is not out of the question that it may be the propitious moment to join your lips to those of the girl you like, but except in exceptional cases, it is preferable to approach her in small steps. If you feel that a certain atmosphere has been established between you and that you are becoming more and more familiar with each other, try brushing or taking her hand while chatting.

Try to compliment her but not come across as too intrusive. Look her in the eye and speak to her in a quiet tone of voice that pales confidence. Break the most emotionally intense moments with little jokes and surprise her with a tender so-called ‘teaser’ kiss, that is, tenderly place her lips perhaps on her nose, cheek or forehead. This will serve, so to speak, to test the ground a little to see what her reactions are.

If the girl should appear displeased it will inevitably be necessary to take a step backward if not two, but if conversely she should show herself amused or flattered by such approaching maneuvers, then it means that the time is absolutely ripe to give her the first sighing kiss.

It is advisable to close your eyes only when your lips have joined hers, and from then on everything will go smoothly.
Place one hand around her waist and with the other hand gently caress her neck, or tenderly brush one cheek. These are small but important details that will make the whole thing much more engaging.

Quali sono i principali tipi di bacio?

If you have never kissed a girl but feel that the moment is very close, you cannot avoid knowing what are the most famous kisses that you will surely want to put into practice.
Remember that the best kisses are the ones given with love and passion, so don’t think that it is an exercise in style for its own sake or that there is a technique to be performed maniacally, as if it were a points contest.
Also, beyond the different ways of kissing, the important thing is that everything happens as naturally as possible, without any kind of forcing, otherwise you would run the risk of turning something wonderful into a mechanical and insignificant gesture.

The French kiss

In the collective imagination, this type of kiss is the stage that introduces something even more sensual and intimate, in fact it is indeed a kiss in which one is carried away by the most intense passion. We are actually referring to the typical tongue kiss that when particularly felt is capable of igniting desire at the highest level.

The kiss sandwich

This is a type of kiss that is known to be particularly romantic but in the long run can take on some rather mischievous connotations as well, and it involves taking between the lips first the upper lip and then the lower lip of the partner and going on mutually.

The kiss in the mold

In this case we are talking about a kiss given with closed lips. In some cases it might suggest a newly formed couple who have not yet reached a sufficient level of intimacy. In other situations it is a type of kiss that may be given suddenly to surprise a person or to study through his reaction whether there may be a basis for a more intense kiss. It should also be specified that in a great many cases the closed-lip kiss is a kind of fleeting but loving greeting, dictated by the busyness of the times we live in.

The kiss of lovers

This is a type of kiss that emphasizes passion and cannot be associated with any particular type of kiss, because each couple will interpret it in their own way. The love kiss does not make use of any particular technique, but it is that kind of loving expression connecting the two lovers. That kiss will almost lead him into a parallel universe in which they exist are them and everything around them is superfluous.
Perhaps this really is the perfect kiss that is able to give unique and unrepeatable feelings.