OneNightFriend Review With Opinions And Objective Facts!

Dating, dating — what a sweet word, full of emotions, secret continuations, and adventures. From saying your first ‘Hi’ to possible weddings and other scenarios. But what about online dating? Are they similar to classic? Let’s find an answer with the most popular service — OneNightFriend, an international service for lonely hearts. The OneNightFriend review is an extensive work with mixed responses, requiring a table of contents!

From this short online dating site overview, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  1. Can the SMS chat service be better than physical contact?
  2. Is the OneNightFriend real&Worthy?
  3. What can trick you at dating sites like OneNightFriend?

You’ll find an answer to the hottest question about sexual connections. And it’s still not all. 

The overview will contain all the helpful information about online dating operations, like: 

  1. How do they work?
  2. What can you do there for free & for premium?
  3. What are online dating sites able to offer you?
  4. How to use them safely?
  5. How to stay anonymous while you are using online dating sites?
  6. How to cancel your account?
  7. How to separate real-life girls from fake profiles?

A little FAQ and conclusion at the end of the OneNightFriend review will contain all possible ways to cut your costs and time on searching for a proper girl at the sugar daddy site!

So you can’t waste your time on all those introductions anymore, so let the online dating site, which is called OneNightFriend, begin!

Pros & cons of this dating site

Prepare, pros&cons are constructed by experienced users for experienced members. Most cons may be unimportant if you are a newbie at online dating and use only a free account!


  • Mass messaging as a base function.
  • One of the most extensive databases with potential dating partners.
  • Flex filter settings.
  • Free signing process.
  • Five complimentary messages for free account users.
  • Free Flirtcast.

These are not all the pros of the OneNightFriend review, but they’re the most important of this internet site.


  • Some fake accounts use photos of real girls.
  • Poor customer support service.
  • Not many girls are looking for a sugar daddy, and most are searching for a sponsor.
  • Almost all content is available only for a premium account. You can’t watch most of the content.

Summary — worth it or nope?

This online dating site is average from all other dating sites. It needs to be fully clear, but customer support strives to clear all the fake accounts and save your mental and physical health. You’ll find the conclusion from the OneNightFriend review in the end, with all details and final opinion ‘Will the OneNightFriendFinder be your helper in transforming your virtual partners into natural, or not?’

Back to review — first impression

OneNightFriend review will start with very… Very mixed impressions about it. They all look pretty usual but suspicious.

This dating internet site mimics the classical interface of social networks… But from the 2010s.

Online dating services here are outstanding, but only for premium membership. Girls here are incredible, but some of them are bots. And, of course, you still remember that you can’t do anything here while you are not a registered member. 

The internet site’s active audience is almost all heterosexual partners. Still, if you are looking for something special, you might choose it in filters to find a partner similar to your sexual orientation.

Honest opinion — do you have any chance to get laid with online dating by using ab OneNightFinder?

Let’s start an OneNightFriend review from our impressions and practices of this fabulous website. Internet dating differs from all you see before. And it’s on a tinder-based application. And you have to be ready for what the best on online sites can’t solve your main problem. Your shyness.

So if you are a hot guy looking for other members to get laid, you’ll find them, and it doesn’t matter do you use premium membership at night, with friends, or on other sites.

Defeat your shyness with OneNightFriend

And if you are the shiest guy in the world, the OneNightFriend can solve just a part of your problems and connect you with hot girls. But you may decide to write them or not.

This dating internet site has a highly convenient interface! By the way, it has some ways to satisfy your sexual passion without real dating. Keep this in mind, and then you will visit some personal pages searching for a partner for all your continued life!


This site looks like a gallery of girls and boys who want you more. It’s created for everybody’s relationships.

On the top of the page, you will find all the settings and introductory information with navigation.

Most spaces on the central screen are like a gallery of girls and boys. Here you may choose the best of all interests based on tastes.

Search filters to separate the site’s active audience

Also, on the top of the page is placed a search filter. There you may choose by:

  1. Hobbies.
  2. Gender.
  3. Age.
  4. Location.
  5. Online status.

It’s pretty convenient if you are looking for sex-traveling adventures. You can also strive to use mass messaging to get a big date, but it’s not strongly suggested.

All is very minimalistic, but it’s an excellent way to concentrate your attention on the main things. Photos and sexting with a potential lady for getting laid. 

Limits and taboos — save mental and physical health

There are no limits or taboos. You can do all you want, but if you break some rules, your opponent may send a request to the administration about you. So be careful with your ‘pickle’ photos. Not all ladies love them. It’s a subjective opinion of the OneNightFriend review. We strive to protect you from essential screw-ups.

If you are a premium user of this internet site, you can visit girls’ pages and view their photos and videos. Some of them contain nude parts of bodies and erotic content, so they are prepared. You can’t view girls’ pictures if you are not a part of the premium membership community. 


What about the prices of becoming a premium member of a One Night Friend?

They’re starting at this internet site from $0.99 per day for a trial period (yup, you can buy a test 3-day premium for $3). And the cheapest offer is about $0.46 a day for a 6-month premium subscription.

The price for a monthly subscription is about $1.49 a day. But the longer you’re subscribed, the cheaper this dating service will be.

Is it worth your dime? It depends on what you are looking for from a dating site. If you are looking for quick hookups and want to start your sex tourism with it, it will be fine.

If you are looking for a serious relationship on this internet site, it would be better to pay only for that term, which will be required to find your heart crush. 

And if you are here just for fun, use a trial period to make the final decision. The trial 3-day period is a perfect way to make your conclusions about the OneNightFriend scam or not.

What’s the FAQ?

Before you move to a conclusion and make your score with your own eyes, we want to answer all your possible questions for the desktop and mobile versions shortly.

What is a One Night Friend?

This great site is an internet dating online social network with many hot pages, excellent customer support, and a friendly community with other users. It allows you to find a partner for a soft relationship or get laid in a hardcore style. There are no limits or prejudices.

Who owns

The current owner of OneNightFriend is a ‘Blue Vision’ team. They’re creating some dating sites, which are semi-similar to, but with diverse audiences and for other locals.

How can I contact OneNightFriend?

You must visit the support page if you need to contact OneNightFriend support. To do this, you have to log in to the site. Then move to your settings and privacy, or scroll your page to the bottom, and at the footer, you’ll find a contact support button.
You may send your request to the support of this great site. Service members usually work quickly, and the response will wait for you in 24 hours.
As for an alternative, use [email protected].

Is One Night Friend real?

Yes, it’s an authentic online site where you can find a One Night Stand at your house with a hot continuation. It works as a usual dating website and gives you all functionality.
One of the main pros of this platform is the matchmaking generally system. All you need is to use the proper filters to find a girl or hot boy who will fully satisfy your tastes.
The sad part is that on this excellent site, you can find some fake accounts and dirty girls who are not oriented toward accurate dates.

Is legit?

The mixed answer. On the one hand,, as a dating website, uses solid rules for its specific service. Nobody can register there without age confirmation, and this excellent site looks at all suspicious accounts.
But on the other hand, in some countries, the age for dating is higher than in others, and OneNightFriend users break the laws in those countries. But suppose you find something prohibited between all the hot pages. In that case, you can send a request for customer service, look at other users, and block suspicious accounts if they break the rules of the OneNightFriend community!

Is OneNightFriend a scam or fake?

From all customer reviews, you may find that not all of them are satisfied with internet conversation for actual dates, and some leave more aggressive reviews, but review rating and our own experience show us that this site is not a scam and just worth it!

What are alternatives?

Many online dating sites with particular services contain hot girls and hot guys. Some of them provide you with a better table of contents.
Some give you more honest pages with a natural location for each potential partner. Some of them are strongly controlled, and you can’t find any bots there. But almost all of them are rivals to OneNightFriend, more like just time eaters!


So what is the conclusion about OneNightFinder? Let’s summarize the information:

  1. This internet site is not a fake or scam.
  2. It is worth your time and dime and gives you the possibility of absolute dating.
  3. Particular service could be better and has many cons.
  4. It is perfectly optimized for phones.
  5. You have flexible account settings, which help you hide from your relatives.
  6. You can use this site as your new social network, oriented for 18+ communication and content.

If you disagree with the conclusion, submit your review in the commentaries, and who knows, maybe between all customer reviews, a new user will find yours. It helps them to cut time, costs, and nerves on searching for a good dating site for hookups with a perfect mobile version!

P.S. One Interesting fact about OneNightFriend. This is only one site of all our practice with a ‘Bought bad review’ from rivals. What does it mean? The foes are scared to stay against this dating site, and they’re using some dirty tricks to decrease the reputation of this fantastic website!